Ep 72: How to Show Up Online When it Feels Hard

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Showing up online to stay at the forefront of our potential clients minds is really important. Its especially important If we want to be booked as a public speaker. Conference organizers won't know what we're doing and the incredible value we bring to the table if we're not front and center by going live, posting on social media, creating videos, etc. However, it can be hard to stay motivated to consistently show up when it involves staying in the spotlight. How do we show up in a way that serves our audience, impacts our business and still feels good so that we can be consistent? We're in a dig into that in this episode!

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Conference organizers WANT to see video footage of you speaking to sell them on you when curating their speaker lineups

  • You need to be crystal clear on why you’re showing up in the first place. If you know why you’re going live, figuring out teaching points is a lot easier.

    • Are you trying to grow your email list?

    • To make deeper connections with potential clients?

    • Are you trying to establish speaker credibility to stand out as “the expert” in your industry?

  • Next, Identify the difference your message is going to make for your audience

  • If you need an idea about something you should be sharing - last week we published a blog about how to share a story your audience will care about. 

    • This blog post contains a workbook helps you craft the story. 

  • When you start having internal concerns or doubts, you need to shift your focus from what will they think of me? to what will this do for them?

    • This will help you get out of your own way! Your message is important! Focus on the value you’re bringing your audience and the ways your message benefits their lives

  • Having a visual cue or reminder of the impact you’re making for your audience by delivering your message can be a valuable tool in keeping you focused and motivated to show up online when you aren’t feeling up to it

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