Ep 71: Building a Team (ft. Janelle Henningson)

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Over the last few weeks we've covered how to make speaking fit in your business. If you're at the point where you're ready to dive in, you may need to create a little bit of white space in your current business by getting away from the day to day operations. I've brought in my friend Janelle Henningson from Jenelle Joy Private Editing, who has grown her private editing business to a team of six editors in a year. She's going to share how she accomplished this by covering things like how to know when it's time to hire, who we should be hiring, and what building this bigger team can do for your life and your business.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • If you’re going to scale your business, you must have a team! This is an absolutely necessary step in growing your business

  • Unless you need very specialized labor, look for freelancers to help build your team

  • You need to have your processes clearly and accurately documented in order to hand off responsibilities to new team members

  • You also need to have your expectations clearly defined so that your team members are aware of what you need to them to deliver, how you want them to deliver it. It also helps you hold them accountable

  • Do not over complicate the processes. You can do this in something as simple as a word document or powerpoint slide. You just need to be able to effectively share it

  • Janelle was able to find her team of editors in FB groups she was a part of. You can also do this on a site like Linkedin 

  • You need to know who you’re looking for. Not just their qualifications, but also the personality characteristics you’re looking for

    • Janelle holds three rounds of interviews in most cases

    • Utilize video conference calls 

  • “It’s a lot harder to fire someone than it is to hire the right person the first time around”

  • There is a misconception amongst creative entrepreneurs that Adding Education To Your Business related to your industry is the only way to scale your business. Janelle was able to scale hers by hiring a quality team

  • Don’t be afraid to give the people you are interviewing a brief “skills test” in order to validate their skillset

  • You don’t have to hire people full time (which is scary and intimidates a lot of people). You can hire people as subcontractors meaning they would get a 1099 rather than a W2 at the end of the year. This means a LOT less work/stress for you administratively in regards to taxes and government regulation

  • You cannot shift your role into one that is visionary for your company if you’re stuck doing all of the leg work

  • Moral support via friends/loved ones is crucial to overcoming fears/inadequacy concerns you might have towards taking the next step or even the first step in your business

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