Ep 68: Adding Education to Your Business

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Do you feel like everyone in your industry is becoming an educator? It can sure feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it? In case you’re not 100% sure what I’m talking about - Let’s clarify what I mean by “educator” - I’m not talking about a school teacher. For today’s episode, we’re discussing industry educators.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • “Educator” doesn’t always mean “school teacher”

    • Industry educators are business owners who are teaching others how to do something; usually takes the form of a successful business owner deciding to teach others that secret sauce that worked for them so that other business owners can duplicate their success.

  • As an Industry Educator, sharing your expertise is a great way to diversify your income generating activities.

    • Via workshops & online courses

    • Also allows you to give back to your industry in a way that benefits your bottom line

  • Scaling your business doesn’t always have to involve education and can take many forms (less trading hours of your life for dollars)

    • Physical products

    • printables/resources

    • Affiliate income

    • From 1 on 1 work to group work

  • You can leverage speaking even if you don’t have an educational arm in your business!! (by using this skill to sell the products above)

  • You’ve got to be speaking on the right topics in order to get the conversions you’re looking for

    • This needs to be strategic!!! Your topic should gradually move people back into those educational elements of your business (WE HAVE A WORKBOOK FOR YOU IN THE LINKS BELOW)

  • Adding education to your business isn’t the only way to scale it. Building A Team is also extremely effective and crucial to growing your business.

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