Ep 66: How to Own Your Voice (ft. Rhonda Khan)

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Hey friends! Welcome back to the Creative Speaker Podcast! I know that I have a few listeners out there who may hate their voice or might avoid public speaking all together because they’re uncomfortable with the way they sound. Well today I’ve brought on my friend Rhonda Khan Speaker to walk us through some practical things we can do to start taking ownership of our voice and our message so we can serve people in a bigger way.

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Episode takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • It’s ok not to like your voice

  • The audience is there for what you’re going to deliver, not the way you sound.

  • Your focus should be on your audience, not your voice

  • Learn what specific things about your voice you don’t like. It may just be your perception of how you sound. Or it might be something you can work through and remedy

  • It takes practice getting used to how you sound and what you love about your voice

  • Your “frog” sound might actually be really attractive to your listeners. It’s not about you! It’s about your audience. Get out of your own way

  • There’s nothing wrong with having an accent. It’s part of your heritage and who you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re serving and connecting with your audience

  • There is power in the “pause”.... Let your audience receive your message

  • Confidence in your voice and yourself is a muscle. You’ve got to work it out. Start small and build up momentum with your audience size as you gain more confidence

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