How to Add Education to Your Business with Speaking

You’ve been gaining momentum in your business and others are asking for your help. Maybe you’ve gone on one-too-many “let me pick your brain” coffee dates and you realize something has got to give. If these people are benefiting so much from your knowledge (for free), what difference could you make if you packaged your expertise into a cohesive resource? Is sounds like you’re ready to be an educator, friend.

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How to Navigate Being Assigned a Speaking Topic


You’ve just been selected to speak at your favorite creative conference, and you could not be more excited! You’ve attended this event and been so inspired by the different women sharing their stories.

To be one of those women helping others?

You’ve been dreaming about this for years!

But what do you do when the organizer gives you a topic that’s NOT in your zone of genius? Even if you’re no stranger to the subject, it’s definitely not what you would have chosen for yourself.

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How to Share a Story Your Audience Actually Cares About

You want to make a deeper connection with Your audience but you don’t know HOW.

You’ve worked really hard to build your business and as much as you want to be a storytelling ninja, you’re scared. You’re scared to get up on a stage and not look as polished as you do on your website. You’re scared to overshare and have people think differently of you. You’re scared of possibly tainting the thing you’ve worked so hard to build.

I get it, friend.

That was me as I prepared to take the stage at my first creative conference in 2016. At that point in my career, I had been speaking for a decade. I was comfortable in front of audiences as large as 3,000. I had delivered presentations on stages all across the country and shared my story on major international media outlets like ABC 2020, Good Morning America, The Katie Couric Show and many more. 

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3 Things to Consider Before You Pick Speakers For Your Next Event

Have you considered hosting your own event this year or next? Maybe you want to cultivate an incredible conference, intimate retreat, a one day workshop, or even an online summit. Regardless of the format, you are probably so excited about all the bells, whistles, and pretty touches you've been dreaming up.

Helloooo, beautiful conference details, delicious meals, and mind-blowing swag bags.

Maybe your virtual summit already has a marketing plan in place and you know exactly how you're going to launch this sucker. But there's one thing that's holding you back from pushing play, hitting publish, or sending that email out.

You're not sure how to get the best-fit speakers for your event.

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Are You Ready To Speak?

You’re thinking about becoming a speaker and stepping into an educator role in your industry but you're not sure if you're ready. How do we know if we're ready to be a speaker? What makes us qualified to speak?

Spoiler alert: It's not a certain number of social media followers or a specific income level.

Watch this week’s video to find out if you’re ready to speak

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When Should You Start Speaking?

You attend creative conferences, stare up at that stage, and can’t wait until your moment on it. And you’ve been in business awhile and absolutely know your stuff.

But are you ready for the spotlight?

Is your business “ready enough” to take the stage?

I got a question around this recently, and it brought up something very specific that I found interesting. So interesting, even, that I just had to give it the #JustAskJess treatment!

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Why Your Speaker Pitch Isn't Working (Part 2)

You spent hours toiling away at your pitch to speak at your favorite conference.

You brainstormed a ton of topics, had your mastermind help you pick the best one, and your biz bestie looked over your pitch before you sent it in.

It was amazing! Your positioning is on-point, it’s so professional-sounding, and you look like an incredible expert in your industry.

You’re so excited that, thanks to this brilliant pitch, this will be the year you get chosen to speak at your favorite event.

But your hourly inbox checks (okay, make that twice an hour…) keep turning up crickets, and happens.

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Unpaid does not Equate to “Not Valuable”

You’re not going to perfect your craft if you don’t have a chance to practice it. Get on that stage and serve your people. Do you need to break the bank building your credibility? No. But should you turn down valuable opportunities because they’re unpaid? Absolutely not.

Weigh your options, do the math and seek out opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

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6 Ways to Make Your Story Part of Your Website Design

It may sound strange coming from a website designer, but the most important part of your website isn’t actually the design – it’s the words you’re sharing. Don’t get me wrong, a well-designed website is important and attracts more people to your work, but without the words to back it up, pretty images and a great layout won’t help you reach anyone.

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Why You Need a YouTube Channel as a Speaker

If you are thinking about adding speaking to your business you probably aren’t thinking about a YouTube channel, right?  What good would a YouTube channel do for you if you want to start booking those speaking gigs?  Why should you add another platform?

Let me tell you, you are missing out on a huge opportunity on YouTube.  And YouTube should probably be the main platform you are focusing on!

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Three Steps to a Compelling Home Page: Just Add Story

Storytelling is an art, and the art of storytelling for your brand happens on many platforms and avenues.

There are the mini-stories you share in your social media feeds and captions, photographs, blog posts, and even ads and email campaigns. For all of you fellow bootstrapping ‘preneurs out there, you know what I’m talking about. We do our best to weave our little stories into our online presence so we can hopefully make an impact on those who read our content.

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